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IMOS - Sharing Commissions with Internal Brokers

When configuration flags CFGEnableCommissionSharing and CFGEnableMultiRoleOnAddressBook are enabled, for Cargo/VC In and Time Charter contracts as well as their Claims, you can share % Type commissions with internal brokers.

You can share commissions with Primary and Secondary Brokers:

  • Primary Broker: An internal broker listed on a contract and paid by the same counterparty as an external broker on the contract. Primary Broker commissions directly impact contract financials in the same way that external broker commissions do.

  • Secondary Broker: An internal broker listed on a contract and paid a commission share by another internal broker listed on the contract (Broker on the contract Broker grid). Commissions distributions to Secondary Brokers have no impact on contract financials.

Creating Internal Brokers

Internal brokers are Address Book companies that have the Internal check box selected and are one of the following:

  • Both Type W and B

  • Type O, for Cargo and TC Out contracts

  • Type C, for VC In and TC In contracts

On the Address Address Book, you can add user emails to associate them with any internal brokerage company.

Setting Default Internal Brokers

To set default internal brokers, create Cargo Broker Rules and Time Charter Broker Rules.

Sharing Commissions

On the Cargo/VC InTC In, TC Out, and CP Terms Details Broker grids, an Internal Counterparty column appears to help you set up commission sharing.

  • Broker: Select a Primary Broker.

  • Internal Counterparty: Either select a Secondary Broker or leave the column blank.

Posting Invoices

When a Primary Broker AP commission invoice (Source Code FCOM, TCOC, TCOM, or RCOM) is posted:

  • A mirror AR invoice (Source Code CSHR) is automatically created and posted.

  • AP invoices (Source Code CSHP) and mirror AR invoices (Source Code CSHR) are created for all Secondary Broker distributions specified on the contract Broker grid.

Reversing Invoices

To reverse an invoice with Source Code CSHR or CSHP, you must reverse its Primary Broker AP commission invoice. When you do that, the mirror AR invoice and all Secondary Broker commission share invoices are automatically reversed.

Related Configuration Flags


When enabled, you can share commissions between internal broker companies. For more information, see Sharing Commissions with Internal Brokers.

Also adds an Internal Counterparty column to the TCO Estimate Broker table.


Enable multiple roles on one Address Book entry, all sharing the same information.


When enabled, Cargo Broker Rules and Time Charter Broker Rules can be defined to add default brokers to contracts.

Also adds Add Default Brokers to the TCO Estimate toolbar to default internal brokers by applicable rules.

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