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IMOS - Styling Gantt Bar Templates

Several schedules are provided on Gantt charts, including the Cargo Schedule, the Vessel Schedule, and the Port Schedule. These schedules can populate the Gantt bars and their associated tooltips with information based on templates defined in configuration flags.

Styling Templates


Each schedule has an associated template configuration flag, specified below. Modifying the value of the configuration flag modifies the text that appears. Unlike most configuration flags, you only need to refresh the schedule itself to immediately see the new style.


An administrator determines the formatting that is applied to each schedule. Formatting is set at the system level and is the same for all users, regardless of any other user-specific settings.

The Gantt bar styling follows this format: 

  • Variables: Text contained between two "at signs," (@...@) is considered a variable name, and the schedule displays the name of the object it represents. For example, on the Cargo Schedule, @CARGO@ displays the text "beans" or "steel," depending upon the associated Cargo object.
  • Plain text: All other text is displayed without modification.
  • Tooltips: The template style also applies to the tooltips that appear when hovering over a Gantt bar. This is useful if the visible Gantt bar is not long enough to display the full text.


A mix of variables and plain text can make labels easier to read. For example, see the difference between a Port Schedule Gantt bar with just variables:

Config flag Value:  @VSL_CODE@-@VOY_NO@ @PORT_NAME@ (@START_DATE@ to @FINISH_DATE@)

and one with plain text included:

Config flag Value: Vsl/Voy: @VSL_CODE@-@VOY_NO@ Port: @PORT_NAME@ Dates: (@START_DATE@ to @FINISH_DATE@)

When the timescale is shorter, the tooltip includes the full text:

Cargo Schedule

Configuration Flag





Variable Name



Either the nominated or performing vessel of the Cargo


Shipment No field of the Cargo


External Reference field of the Cargo


If multi-grade Cargo and Charterer's View are enabled, a comma-separated list of all of the grades handled within the single Cargo


Commercial ID of the first leg of the Cargo itinerary


Default variable that shows the Cargo and Cargo Quantity


Vessel Short Code for the nominated or performing vessel


Cargo Name


First Grade of the Cargo


Laycan From and Laycan To date times


Cargo Charterer


Cargo COA ID if linked to a Cargo COA


Cargo ID


Cargo Purchase ID


Voyage Number of the Cargo's performing voyage


CP Form


First Load Port of the Cargo itinerary


Last Discharge Port of the Cargo itinerary


CP Quantity of the Cargo


CP Unit of the Cargo


Cargo contract or Voyage Charter contract


First specified Receiver of the Cargo


First specified Supplier of the Cargo


CP Date of the Cargo

Vessel Schedule

Configuration Flag





Variable Name



Default label displaying the Vessel Code and Voyage Number, as well as the voyage start and end dates


Performing Vessel Code


Performing Vessel Name


Voyage Number


Voyage Commence Date


Estimated/Actual voyage Complete Date


Voyage Counterparty


First port of the voyage (including C, R ports, etc.)


Last port on the itinerary of the voyage (including T and Z ports)


First Load Port of the voyage


Last Discharge Port of the voyage


Laycan of the first Cargo


Month and day of the first BL


External Reference of the voyage


Voyage Reference


External Reference of the first Cargo


Shipment Number of the first Cargo

Port Schedule

Configuration Flag








Vessel Code of the performing vessel


Vessel Name of the performing vessel


Port Name of the specific port call


Voyage Number of the vessel calling the port


Estimated/Actual time of arrival for the specific port call


Estimated/Actual time of departure for the specific port call


Shipment Number of first Cargo of the voyage containing the port call

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