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Veslink - Agent Portal - Port Calls

Veslink standardizes voyage communications to help you collect and analyze current positions and other critical voyage data and share information with a network of trusted partners.

The Agent Portal is available with Veslink Optimum.

  1. You are nominated as an agent for a port call.
  2. Log in to
  3. The Port Calls tab appears. It includes all ports where you have been nominated as an agent.
  4. View the port calls available to you and submit forms.

On the Agent Portal tab, you can view and submit forms for port calls that have been shared with you.

  • Display port calls with departure times in the past: When selected, voyages with a departure time of up to an hour ago are shown.
  1. To submit a form, click the form title in the Forms column.

  2. Fill out the form and then click 
  3. Veslink verifies the information. If an error occurs, the submission window stays open so that you can fix the error.
  4. Submitted forms appear in the Submitted Forms column, along with the time submitted, in GMT. They also appear in Veslink for the company to view and approve.
    • You can save drafts of forms until you are ready to submit them.
    • You can make changes to most forms until they are approved or rejected.
    • You can submit incremental/daily Statements of Fact: Reopen a previous Statement of Fact (for example, yesterday's) from the links on the Port Calls tab, then add new port activities (for example, today's) to the bottom of the list.
      • If the form was not yet approved by the office, you can also edit the previous activities.
      • If the form was already approved by the office, the previous activities will be locked to your edits.
      • After you resubmit the SOF, the original SOF form will reappear in the Dashboard for the office user, who will have the opportunity to approve the form. All activities, including the previous entries, can be edited by the office user.
  1. To save a draft form, click the form title in the Forms column.
  2. Fill out the form and then click
    • Each draft form appears in the Submitted/Draft Forms column along with the time it was saved, in GMT, and (DRAFT) next to the form title. Each draft form also appears in IMOS as a read-only form for review.
    • To edit a draft form without submitting it, click the form title in the Submitted/Draft Forms column, edit the form, and then click
    • To submit a draft form, click the form title in the Submitted/Draft Forms column and then click
       on the form.
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