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IMOS - Compliance with January 2015 SOx Regulations for Low Sulfur Fuel Consumption in ECA Zones

As of January 1, 2015, new SOx regulations state that vessels traveling through Emission Control Areas are required to use fuel with less than 0.1% sulfur content. To comply with these regulations, in the Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS), you can configure bunker consumption rules for LS MGO 0.1% within ECA regions. This is done using Fuel Zones functionality, which allows you to specify the low-sulfur Fuel Types to be consumed in each ECA zone and the consumption rates for those Fuel Types.

The following capabilities are available:

  • Changes have been made to the consumption rate calculation when two Low Sulfur Fuel Types are defined. For example, on a voyage from Houston to Rotterdam via SECA-North Sea, with LSG as the designated Fuel Type, on a vessel that has LSG (at-sea consumption 10 mt/day) and LSF (at-sea consumption 15 mt/day), the at-sea consumption in the North Sea will be LSG at 25 mt/day. Previously, the at-sea consumption would be LSG at 10 mt/day.

  • Fields have been added to the Report Designer that allow you to see if a voyage or an Estimate passes through an ECA zone. The fields are Is LS Voyage and Is LS Estimate.

  • A button has been added to the Voyage Bunkers and Bunker Planning forms for existing voyages and Estimates. The Use Fuel Zones button forces a recalculation of the consumption rates.

  • If a given Vessel Type or Vessel uses fuel types that are incompatible with the system-wide Fuel Zone configuration, you can create an alternative Fuel Zone configuration for the Vessel or Vessel Type.

Adding a New Fuel Type and Editing Fuel Zones

  1. Look at the Fuel Types in your current environment to determine if a new Fuel Type needs to be added for LS MGO 0.1%. If so, complete the following:

    1. In the Data Center, under Vessels, click Fuel/Lube Types. Add a row for the LSG Fuel Type, and in the G column, select L (Low Sulfur Grade).

    2. Add this new fuel to the Vessel form Consumption tab for each vessel.

  2. If ECA Zone Regulations for LSG are not already in use, add them by enabling Fuel Zones.

    • More information regarding turning on Fuel Zones can be found on the Fuel Zones page.

  3. Fuel Zones will now be in effect for all new voyages and Estimates created in the Veson IMOS Platform. However, there may be existing voyages or Estimates in which the consumption needs to be recalculated. To determine how many existing voyages or Estimates need to be updated, you can import and run the attached Report Definitions in your system.

  4. To recalculate Bunker Consumption and cost and apply the new Fuel Zones configuration on already existing voyages and Estimates:

    • For each Commenced or Scheduled voyage passing through an ECA Zone, on the Voyage Bunkers form, click the Use Fuel Zones button.

    • For each unfixed Estimate passing through an ECA Zone, on the Bunker Planning form, click the Use Fuel Zones button.

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