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IMOS - Creating a Default Voyage Estimate

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The .TDEFAULT Estimate is a default Estimate that can be created by the admin user account. Only one .TDEFAULT Estimate can be used. It is blank by default; when edited and saved, its values populate every Estimate created by any user.


A Miscellaneous Expense, like a Hold Cleaning of $4,500, could appear on every Estimate as a Common Voyage Expense. There is no logic associated with it; that is, it cannot include a $4,500 Hold Cleaning for a Handymax, and a $4,000 one for a Handysize.

The .TDEFAULT effect on the Estimate is broader than the standard cost items described in the previous example. Functionalities within the Estimate menu, such as Auto Calc. by Max Lift Qty and Wait for Laycan, also feed into the Estimate if they are selected in .TDEFAULT.

Creating the .TDEFAULT Estimate

  1. Sign in as admin.
  2. Do either of the following:
    • In an Estimate column, details, or map view, enter .TDEFAULT as the Estimate ID.
    • Search for the existing .TDEFAULT Estimate on the Find Estimates panel and then click its Estimate ID link or row.
  3. Enter the fixed data that you want to be part of every Estimate that is generated.
  4. Save the Estimate. The data will be included in all Estimates created by all users.
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