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IMOS - Lightering Job

The Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management.

Requires the Lightering module. You must have the Lightering Job Module Right selected, under Lightering in the Data Center.

Lightering Job List

On the Chartering menu 

, under Lightering, click Lightering Job.

As with any other list, you can search, select, adjust, pin, filter, group, and sort columns, reset to the default view, save user views, and export.

Lightering Job

To open an existing Lightering Job:

  • On the Master Lightering Contract, right-click a line in the Lightering Job grid and then click View Lightering Job.

  • In the Voyage Manager, right-click an Itinerary line and then click Lightering Information.

To create a new Lightering Job, on the Lightering Job List, click


As with any other details view, you can navigate to a different record by clicking its card or return to the list by clicking its Name.

Overtime amount calculation in freight invoice

The calculation considers the Overtime Rate (OR), the Overtime Days (OD) and the actual port days in the voyage port were the service is delivered.

The amount is calculated as:

  1. If OD = 0 OR OD > days in port, then Amount = OR X Port days

  2. If 0 < OD <= days in port, then Amount = (OR X OD / Port days) X Port days

Related Configuration Flags



Offshore Service Vessel Type

Specify the vessel type for vessels to include in the Offshore Service Vessels selection list on the Lightering Job form.

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