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IMOS - Linked Liftings Tab - Cargo COA

After Cargoes are created, they appear on the Linked Liftings tab of the Cargo COA.

Liftings in a CCOA or VCOA are color coded by status:

  • Inquiry: White background with black text
  • Confirmed Cargo/VC In but not linked to a VC In/Cargo: Blue background with black text
  • Confirmed Cargo/VC In linked to a VC In/Cargo: Green background with black text
  • Fixed: Yellow background with black text

Withdrawn: White background with red text 
In the Firm Liftings field, you can select to view Remaining, Completed, or Total.

Load/Discharge port information will only be visible in the Linked Liftings tab if the cargo itself has that information specified, regardless of whether the related voyage(s) have that information in the itinerary. 

To view and edit the details on the Cargo form, right-click a lifting and then click Cargo Details.

Updating Cargoes

To update Cargoes, that is, liftings, under a Cargo COA:

  1. On the Cargo COA, click 
    and then click Update Cargo.
  2. Change any setup options and click Update. The liftings appear below.
  3. Adjust the liftings as needed, then click OK to create the Cargoes.

Related Configuration Flags

Sets the default status of the linked liftings. If set to 1 when the user does not have rights to edit confirmed cargoes, the Status on the Create Cargo/VC In Setup form is set to Inquiry.


Updates the status of the linked liftings from their current state (for example, Default) to Confirmed once the status of the parent COA is changed from Pending to Confirmed.


Enables updating of the Ref Contract field (available when CFGEnableContractReferenceCompany is enabled) on the Cargo/VC In from the COA. COA-linked cargoes that have not been fixed inherit their Ref Contract from the COA.


Enables the Cargo Booking form. Also adds a Booking No. field to nonincremental Freight Invoices; after a Counterparty is selected, you can select one booking of that Counterparty on the voyage, so that only those Cargoes are included on the invoice.

Note: The setting of this config flag determines whether the No. of Cargoes in Booking variable is available on the Pricing Rule form:

  • N: Not available
  • Y: Available
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