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IMOS - Planning Periods Tab - Cargo COA

The Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management.

Configuration flag CFGEnableCOAPlanningPeriod enables Planning Periods. Because the quantities and liftings of a Cargo COA can extend over a long period of time, Planning Periods enable you to report their actuals by a time period you define. With this flag enabled, a lifting created from a COA must always belong to a Planning Period of the COA, and a COA must have at least one Planning Period before it can be saved.

Enabling this flag also:

  • Adds a Planning Period column to the Linked Liftings tab.
  • Adds a COA Period field to the Create New Voyage form for voyages created from a Cargo COA that uses Planning Periods. It defaults to the planning period that includes the date/time entered in the Commencing field; if no planning period includes that date/time, the field is blank.
  • Adds a Planning Period field to the top of the Create Cargo Setup form. When you create Cargoes, you must select from the Planning Periods defined in the COA. Based on your selection:
    • The Number of Cargoes defaults to the liftings remaining in the period.
    • The Total Qty defaults to the quantity remaining for the period.
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