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IMOS - Rebills for Off Hire and Port Expenses

Configuration flag CFGRebillForOffhire enables rebilling off hire and port expenses for voyages outside of a Time Charter contract. You can use this form to rebill a third party; it is only enabled for an OV voyage.

In the Voyage Manager, click Other Rev/Exp and then click Rebills for Off Hire and Port Expenses.

To create an invoice for items in the Invoice Details section, you must ensure the line items to be rebilled are selected within the S columns, click Add to Invoice, then Save the invoice.

NotePLANNED OFFHIRE will not show in this list, similarly to TC contracts.  

Related Configuration Flags
Rebill for Offhire

Enabled, the user will see a new menu item under the Other Revenue/Expenses toolbar in Voyage Management called Rebills for off hire and port expenses. This allows the user to rebill these items when not under a TC. While displaying Port Expenses Rebillables on the Rebills for Off Hire and Port Expenses form, only one row was being displayed, which was the sum of all rebillable items from the Port Advance/DA form. This has been modified, and different rebillable items are displayed in separate rows on the Rebills for Off Hire and Port Expenses form.

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