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IMOS - Tank Information

For Gas Carrier (Type code G), LNG Carrier (L), and Tanker (T) vessels, the tank Information form enables you to make safe and sanitary cargo scheduling decisions.

To assign cargoes to vessel tanks, while tracking the cargo history of each tank, do the following:

  1. On the Cargo Booking or VC In Booking toolbar, click Tank Info.

  2. Select the Vessel and Voyage No. for which you want to manage Tank Information.
    By default, a row appears for each tank defined on the Vessel Stowage tab, in the Tank Information grid.

  3. To change the number of tanks for this booking only, without updating the Vessel record:

    • To add a new tank, either:

      • Add a row.

      • Right-click a line and then click Insert.

    • To delete a tank, right-click its line and then click Delete.

  4. For each tank row, you can:

    • Assign a Cargo IDCargo Name and Product Code automatically populate.

    • Enter the cargo history in the 1st Prev Cargo2nd Prev Cargo, and 3rd Prev Cargo columns.

    • Select if this cargo scheduling has been ApprovedYes or No.

    • Select when Inspection should take place during the voyage: Prior to Arrival (Wash Water Analysis)Prior to Arrival (Physical), or Upon Arrival.

    • Select when Purging should take place during the voyage: Prior to Arrival, Upon Arrival, or N/A.

    • Select Insp. Status and Purg. Status: Planned or Completed.

    • Coating includes the tank material of construction and populates with data from the Vessel Stowage tables,. Requires IMOS database schema version 33.7 or higher.

    • Enter any additional Comments.

Related Configuration Flags



Product Code Link

When set, the Product Code field in the Cargo BookingVC In Booking, and Tank Information forms becomes a hyperlink that links the user to the URL provided. Within the URL, {ProductCode} is used to pass in the product code to the URL, for example:{ProductCode}

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