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IMOS - Typical Operator-Only Workflow

A typical bunker management workflow for an operator only:

  1. Enter a new Bunker Requirement; the Request Status is Preliminary.
  2. Record one of more vendor price inquiries and set the Procurement Status to In Process.
  3. Order the bunkers and set the Procurement Status to Completed and the Purchase Status to Ordered.
    Note: When a third-party bunker vendor with a direct interface updates a Bunker Requirement/Purchase, the Request Status changes to Pending Approval, and a report alerts the operator to those that need attention. When an agreement is reached between the operator and the bunker broker, the status changes to Approved, and only the Bunker Requirement Request Status field and Bunker Purchase PO Number field remain editable.
  4. After the vessel lifts the bunkers, update received quantities and lifting details in either Port Activities or Activity Reports; change the Purchase Status to Lifted.
  5. Create and process the payable Bunker Invoice; the Purchase Status updates to Invoiced.
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