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IMOS - Bunker Requirement - Operator Tasks

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When you think you will need to bunker at a port, complete the Bunker Requirement form.

Creating a New Bunker Requirement

To create a new Bunker Requirement, do one of the following:

  • From Voyage Details:

    • On the Voyage Bunkers form:

      • Click New Requirement.

      • On a bunker type-specific detail tab, right-click a port call and then click New Bunker Requirement.

    • On the Bunkers, Port/Date, or Consumption tab of the Itinerary, right-click the port line, hover over Bunker Requirements, and then click New Bunker Requirement.

  • On the Bunker Requirement List, click +.

  • On the Bunker Purchase List or Bunker Lifting List, click + and then click New Bunker Requirement.

  • On the main menu 

    , under Operations, click Bunker.

  • On the Operations menu 

    , under Bunkers, click Bunker Requirement.

It is possible to have multiple Bunker Requirements per port call; you can also view any others on the form.

Operator Tasks

Complete the fields as appropriate.

  • VesselVoyage, and Port: If you opened the Bunker Requirement form from a voyage, information from the voyage appears. If you opened it from the Operations menu 

    or from a list, select the VesselVoyage, and Port.

    • If a Requirement is created without a vessel, to assign one later, the specified bunker types must be compatible with the vessel.

    • If a Requirement is created with a vessel and a port, but no Voyage Number, to assign one later, the Voyage Number must be compatible with the specified port and the voyage's itinerary.

    • If a linked Bunker Purchase is invoiced, the Requirement cannot be linked to a new Voyage Number, vessel, or port.

  • Status: The initial Request Status is Preliminary, and the initial Procurement Status is Not Started.

  • Planned Liftings: For each Bunker Type required, complete any of the following:

    • Req Qty: The Request Quantity defaults to the same value as the quantity planned for the voyage in Operations.

    • Opr Qty: If the planned or received quantity did not come from the Voyage Bunkers form, enter it to ensure that estimated voyage consumption is basis the planned bunkers. The Opr Qty appears as an estimated amount to receive in the Port Activities form. After receiving bunkers, in Port Activities (after entering the date and time for the End of Sea Passage), enter the amount Received. It appears on the Bunkers form Summary tab under Bunker Liftings.

When you save the form, it appears on the Bunker Requirement List.

When you want the Bunker Manager to order the bunkers, set the Request Status to Confirmed.

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