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IMOS - Voyage Estimate Other Revenues/Expenses

You can enter Voyage Estimate Other Revenues/Expenses from a Worksheet. Click the Net Income or Total Expenses link. From Estimate details, click the Misc. Revenue or Misc. Expenses field name in the P&L panel.

Other Revenues and Other Expenses Tabs


The Other Revenues and Other Expenses tabs look the same.

  • To link Port Expenses to:

  • A port call, select the Port.

  • A port and cargo, select the Port and then a Cargo handled at that port, or a Cargo and then a Port where the Cargo is handled.

  • For an overall Voyage Misc Exp/Rev, select a Cargo without a Port.

  • Voyage Expenses created from standards appear on the Other Expenses tab.

Detailed Port Expenses Tab

On the Detailed Port Expenses tab, you can add lines for each Port Expense. Items added here will be reflected in PortExp column in the itinerary.

  • Port Expenses created by Expense Standards appear on this tab. Standard Port Expenses are also applied to hidden routing ports, those that are not in the itinerary, but would be if they were allowed by vessel route preferences.
  • Lumpsum Port Expenses, entered in the itinerary PortExp column, and Detailed Port Expenses, entered here, are mutually exclusive, per port. If a Detailed Port Expense line item is added, either manually or by an Expense Standard, any lumpsum expense previously entered in that port is overwritten. The PortExp column in the itinerary will show the sum of the Detailed Port Expenses for that port.

TCI Common Voyage Expenses Tab

You can also enter Common Voyage Expenses (CVE) for Time Charter In Estimates (Operation Type TC**) and Time Charter Out Estimates (Operation Type **TO).

  • For Time Charter In Estimates, click Misc Expenses and then click the TCI Common Voy Exp tab.
  • For Time Charter Out Estimates, click Misc Revenues and then click the TCO Common Voy Exp (Currency) tab.
  • TCI Common Voy Exp tab values turn blue when they are edited.
  • TCO Common Voy Exp (Currency) tab values are transferred to the contract when the Estimate is fixed.
  • Lumpsum-provisional cleaning items in the CVE will only be included in the Estimate P&L if the "Last TCI Voy" checkbox is ticked in the Estimate properties.  
  • For CVE amounts with Rate Type as "Monthly", the amount will be prorated by how much of each month is covered by the invoice.
    i.e. [(% of MonthA included in invoice) * 1500] + [(% of MonthB included in invoice) * 1500]

Related Configuration Flags

When this flag is enabled, bill code will not default for Other Revenues/Expenses entered in the Estimate and Voyage if a user leaves it blank. Instead, the user will be required to enter a bill code.

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