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IMOS - Creating a New Distribution List

Note: The information on this page is for Veson IMOS Platform Administrators only.

With configuration flag CFGEnableDistributionLists set to Y, reports can be emailed to a distribution list, using one of the following methods:

  • For reports from the Report Designer, select the reports and click the Distribute link at the top of the Report List.
  • For reports from the Report Designer, create a Scheduled Task in the Messaging Service. For more information, see the IMOS Messaging Service Manual.

To create a Distribution List, follow these steps:

  1. On the Security list, click
    and then click New Distribution List.
  2. Create the Distribution List the same way you create a group with members:
    1. On the Profile tab:
      1. Enter a List Name.
      2. Select all users who should receive the report.
    2. To confirm that each selected user has an email address associated with their user account, in the Users list, click each user row and then, in the Profile/Access Rights panel, check the Email field under User Details.
  3. When the report is run, the HTML results are emailed to the Distribution List recipients.

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