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Why is bunker consumption in the Voyage P&L different from the linked Estimate?

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You may encounter situations where the bunker consumption in the Voyage P&L may differ from its linked Estimate, especially when comparing the Actual consumption vs. the Estimate. This article describes the following possible reasons for this:

The Estimate Was Created after the Voyage

The Estimate may have been created after the voyage was created:

To resolve this:

  1. From the voyage, open the linked Estimate.

  2. Save the Estimate and then click Yes to confirm the action:

  3. Close the Estimate.

  4. Save and refresh the voyage.

FIFO Queue Is Not Enabled in the Estimate

By default, you can only enter one price for each initial bunker type in the Estimate. This is then used as an average price to estimate bunker consumption for the planned voyage.

However, when creating the voyage, you are able to specify multiple bunker lot prices for each bunker type in the Initial Bunkers. This will lead to a discrepancy between the estimated and actual bunker consumption in the P&L because the projected bunker consumption in the voyage could be calculated basis FIFO pricing instead of an average price.

To resolve this:

  1. Enable configuration flag CFGEnableVoyestInitBunkerQueue. When enabled, Estimates allow multiple initial lots for each bunker type. The Estimate calculates the bunker cost per FIFO rule.

  2. In the Estimate, open the Bunker Planning form and click the Init Quantity value link:

  3. The Initial Bunkers form appears. Enter the bunker lot prices:

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