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IMOS - Compliance with October 2018 Regulations for Low Sulfur Fuel Consumption in Chinese ECA Zones

In response to China's updated ECA zone regulations, in effect as of October 1, 2018, Veson Nautical has released a new version of Distances for the Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS); see Distances Release Notes for September 28, 2018.

Setting Up New Fuel Zones in IMOS

To support compliance with the updated regulations, two new ECA zones are now available:

  • ECA - YANGTZE RIVER DELTA: The original zone defined by the Chinese government.
  • ECA - YANGTZE RIVER DELTA 1OCT18: A smaller zone, partially covering the area to support the regulation that requires burning LSF between NINGBO, ZHOUSHAN, ZHAPU, SONGXIA (ZHEJIANG), as well as all ports in the YANGTZE RIVER up to TAIZHOU ANCHORAGE.

To estimate bunker consumption in these areas:

  1. On the Fuel Zones form, set up Propulsion at Sea, Consumption in Port, and Misc. Consumption for both zones:

    ZonePropulsion At Sea (Propulsion/Aux.Consumption In Port (L/D/Idle)Misc. Consumption (Heat/IGS/Etc.)
    ECA - YANGTZE RIVER DELTAHFO (cons rate only);LSFHFO (cons rate only);LSFHFO (cons rate only);LSF
    ECA - YANGTZE RIVER DELTA 10OCT18HFO (cons rate only);LSFHFO (cons rate only);LSFHFO (cons rate only);LSF
    • You can configure consumption in these areas according to the instructions you have received. For example, if you intend to use the ECA - YANGTZE RIVER DELTA zone only, then leave the row for ECA - YANGTZE RIVER DELTA 1OCT18 blank.
  2. Name and then save your Fuel Zone configuration.
  3. You can select it as the Fuel Zone Set for a VesselVessel TypeVessel Fleet, Estimate (on the Bunker Planning form), or voyage (on the Voyage Bunkers form).
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