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IMOS - VCOV Operation Type

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To enable the VCOV Operation Type, please contact Veson Nautical via the Help Center.

The VCOV Operation Type is a multiparcel voyage similar to that of a relet voyage. It supports multiple Cargo agreements that are assigned to a single VC In contract.

Fixing a VCOV Voyage

To fix a VCOV voyage, do the following:

  1. Create a new Estimate.

  2. In the Estimate, select the performing Vessel and set the Opr Type as VCOV.

  3. Add the Cargoes by adding rows to the Cargoes grid. Sale and purchase cargo lines are automatically created:

    • In the T (Type) column, you can select one of the following for each cargo line:

      • P: Purchase

      • S: Sale

  4. To enter the Cargo and VC In contracts, you can choose to import existing contracts or create new ones:

  5. To add additional Cargoes, add rows to the Cargoes grid. Then, import or create new contracts.

    Note: To use different cargoes, you need to use Cargo Names and Cargo Groups; configuration flag CFGEnableMultiGrade must be enabled. This will allow you to select different cargo grades for each Cargo Group within your cargo contract.

    With each cargo contract added, the Itinerary grid will be updated:

  6. Once done, save the Estimate.

  7. Fix the Estimate by clicking on Fix Estimate on the toolbar.

  8. The Voyage Fixture form will appear. Save the Voyage Fixture and click Schedule Voyage.

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