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IMOS - Alternate Operator-Bunker Department Workflow

If only one Inquiry is to be recorded per Bunker Requirement, an alternate bunker management workflow can be configured. In this scenario, the Bunker Specialist uses the Bunker Lifting List as the primary interface for managing purchases. To facilitate this model of use, a Bunker Inquiry is automatically generated for each new Bunker Requirement, with inquiry quantities set to the requested quantities. As a result, this list shows one row per fuel type requested, as soon as the bunkers are requested. This alternate workflow can be outlined as follows:

StepOperatorBunker Manager
1.Enter a new Bunker Requirement from the Voyage Bunkers form. Leave the Request Status as Preliminary to tell the Bunker Manager that this is a possible, but not confirmed, bunkering port.
When the Bunker Alert automatically notifies your department of the new Requirement under your responsibility, open the Bunker Requirement from the Bunker Alert List and accept the alert. You are automatically recorded as the responsible Bunker Manager. You can add more inquiries to a Requirement.
Print the Bunker Slip Report for the Bunker Requirement and use it to record inquiry information from one or more bunker vendors. This report lists information for each bunker vendor servicing the proposed bunker port. Record inquiry results on the paper copy and electronically for the selected vendor only.
Open the Bunker Lifting List and select the row corresponding to the Bunker Requirement. The Bunker Purchase form appears in the lower half of the list, and the fuel type tab for the selected list row appears.
Update the Bunker Purchase form to include order information for the selected vendor. A P.O. Number is automatically generated when the purchase status is set to Ordered.

NoteWhen a third-party bunker vendor with a direct interface updates a Bunker Requirement/Purchase, the Request Status changes to Pending Approval, and a report alerts the operator to those that need attention. When an agreement is reached between the operator and the bunker broker, the status changes to Approved, and only the Bunker Requirement Request Status field and Bunker Purchase PO Number field remain editable.

Enter the bunkers received by the vessel in Port Activities or Activity Reports on the Voyage Details form.

Update details for each ordered bunker type in the Bunker Purchase form and create the Bunker Invoice when it is received from the vendor.
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