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IMOS - Debunkering Workflow

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Debunkering is the process of offloading bunker fuel from a ship. In the Veson IMOS Platform, you can manage debunkering in the following ways:

Performing Debunkering

To perform debunkering:

  1. Open Port Activities by right-clicking on a debunkering port in the Voyage Manager Itinerary.

  2. In the bunker information grid, enter the fuel quantity to be debunkered as a negative amount under the Received column of the respective bunker type.

  3. Check if the same quantity is entered in the Activity Reports.

  4. Open the Bunker Liftings form and add the price (IFO Prc in the below example) for the debunkered amount.

  5. Right-click the lifted line and then click Create Invoice.

  6. On the Bunker Invoice, click to add a new row with invoice details like fuel Type, Inv Qty, and Basic Prc.

  7. Post the Bunker Invoice and review the Voyage P&L details. Debunkering adjustment will be visible in Actual column.
    Note: The Bunker Invoice will still be recognized as Payable, and sold bunkers will be represented by negative values in the invoice description.

  8. Make a payment to the Bunker Invoice that was posted. The P&L values will remain the same.

  9. From the Bunker Liftings form, run the Bunker Details Report to see if the debunkering has taken place.

  10. Upon voyage completion, run Voyage Period Journals to make an effect on the Posted and Cash In/Out columns.

  11. Review the P&L and note that debunkering has successfully affected Actual, Posted, and Cash In/Out columns.

Choosing a Bunker Lot to Debunker

In a voyage with multiple bunker liftings, you may want to perform debunkering for a specific bunker lot. The Veson IMOS Platform gives you complete control over which bunker inventory you want to sell by providing a linkage between the debunker lifting and the available bunker lots.

To make this linkage, a Bunker Lifting Selection drop-down menu will appear for you to pick a bunker lot to debunker when entering in a negative bunker quantity:

Once the bunker lot is chosen, you can confirm your selection by hovering over the negative quantity. It should tell you which bunker lot you have chosen:

In case you have chosen the wrong bunker lot to debunker, you can delete the negative bunker quantity and re-enter it. That will bring up the Bunker Lifting Selection once again for you to pick the bunker lot in which you want to debunker.

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