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IMOS - Extra Delay Costs

The Extra Delay Costs form enables you to record a breakdown of all costs related to a delay, such as cleaning supplies. The information saved on this form is for record-keeping purposes only and does not impact the P&L.

Recording Extra Delay Costs

To record a delay cost breakdown for a delay:

  1. On the Delay form, right-click its line and then click Extra Delays Costs for ACTIVITY (REASON).
  2. Select the Occurred on Voyage number for the delay.
  3. For each Cost Item, add a new row and then complete the fields.
    1. To record the cost of the item, enter the Unit Cost and Quantity. Total Cost automatically calculates as Unit Cost × Quantity.
    2. Enter the % of the Total Cost to count toward Total at the bottom of the form.
  4. Save the form.

Reporting on Extra Delay Costs

Although Extra Delay Costs do not impact the Voyage P&L, you can report on the costs entered:

  • Click
     to run the Delay Costs report.
  • Create a report in the Report Designer that includes the Operations Invoice > Details > Voyage table (Source = Delay Cost).

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