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IMOS - Port Expense Search

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You can search for historical expenses previously entered for a port.

  1. Open the Port Expense Search form:

    • On the Cargo/VC In Itinerary/Options tab, right-click a line and then click Port Expense History.

    • On the Estimate column ... or details Menu, click Port Expense History.

    • On the Estimate or Voyage Itinerary, right-click a line and then click Port Expense Search

  2. Enter any additional search criteria, then select one of the following ways to display the port expense search results:

    1. By Invoice: Each port expense invoice appears as a separate line.

    2. By Port: Port expenses for each port appear as separate lines.

  3. Click Search.

The Port Expense Search form displays historical data on expenses for this port from the last 20 voyages, with an Average of the last three port calls at the bottom. 

Note: You can only search for historical port expenses in the Port Expense Search if an FDA has been raised for the port call.

The following Port Expense types are retrieved, but recoverable expenses are not.

  • Port Expense

  • Cargo Expense

  • Rebillable Expense

  • Surveys

  • Tolls

  • Voyage Other Expenses

  • Other

To view the Port Activities, Expense Details, or Agent Details for a voyage, right-click a line. This information can help you to adjust or understand your current estimate.

Related Configuration Flags



Default Port Expense Search Limit

To automatically start with default search criteria and a default Limit.

Enhanced Port Expense Search

Add columns Base Curr, Base Amt, Curr, Curr Amt, and Exch Rate and additional related line item menu options.

Enable Port Expense Search Autocomplete

On the Port Expense Search form, enables selectable search criteria instead of free-text searching.

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