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In VesselBargeBoat, or Tow details, you can access the Properties panel, which enables you to configure certain aspects of the vessel.

To open or close the panel, click 


Depending on the vessel type, different information appears.

  • Inactive Vessel: If you have the Create Inactive Vessel Records Module Right selected, under Actions in the Data Center, this check box is selected by default for vessels you create. To activate a vessel, you must have the Module Right cleared.

  • Active for Veslink: Select this check box if you want the vessel to be available in Voyage Reporting for form sharing.

  • Alerts: This field can be used to capture issues; the Vessel field is highlighted in light red on several forms after an Alert is entered for it. An Alerts column can also be selected to appear in the Vessel List.

Please be aware that Alert info is often cached when a vessel is accessed. As such, after removing/deleting an alert please ensure the vessel card is saved and any open voyages are saved and refreshed in order for the red highlight to be removed from any relevant forms.

  • Fuel Zone Set: You can specify a fuel zone set to be used as a default by the vessel when creating estimates or voyages. If the field is not filled out, the vessel will automatically use the global default fuel zone set as defined in Fuel Zones.

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Vessel Scrubbers

Adds a Scrubbers Active field to the Vessel form, in which you can record the date when scrubbers were installed.

This field is purely informational, meaning the time value entered and its time zone are purely at your discretion, and it does not play any role in whether or not scrubbers will be enabled when creating new estimates voyages.

For more information, see IMOS - Compliance with IMO 2020.

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