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IMOS - Marine Planning Workflow

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Configuration flags CFGEnableCargoBooking and CFGEnableVCInBooking must be enabled.

The Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS) supports marine planning for commodity owners. With the Cargo Booking or VC In Booking as your centralized workspace, you can:

  • Determine the most efficient way to group cargoes.

  • Manage vessel nominations.

  • Schedule and manage cargo movements through to discharge.



In the Data Center, create Cargo Names to be used in your cargo contracts.

  • If you own chemical cargoes, you can enter a Product Code, which can be useful for referring to your internal material handling guides.

When the configuration flag CFGEnableDefaultDataSubmissionAgentPerPort is enabled, you can define default Data Submission Agents on the Port form.

Create Cargo Contracts

Create Cargo/VC In COA and Cargo/VC In contracts for cargoes to be moved.

Group Cargoes into Bookings

The Cargo/VC In Booking form enables you to group cargoes into bookings:

  • To add an individual cargo, add a row and then enter the relevant information.

  • To add multiple cargoes to a booking at a time, use bulk actions on the Cargo/VC In list.

  • Reference Tank Information to inform your scheduling decisions.

  • For bookings that include COAs, access and update COA Advanced Pricing rules as needed.

Nominate Vessels to Carry Cargoes

Configuration flag CFGEnableNominationStatus must be enabled.

On the Cargo/VC In Booking form, for each linked cargo, you can update Nom. Status to Inquiry, Tentative, or Firm to monitor the progress of vessel nominations.

Schedule & Manage Cargo Movements

You can schedule a voyage for a cargo from the booking or contract.

You can manage voyages linked to a booking from the Cargo Booking or VC In Booking form.

To financially close the voyages within a booking, follow the standard IMOS accounting workflow.

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Cargo Booking

Enables the Cargo Booking form.

Enable VC In Booking

Enables the VC In Booking form.

Enable Default Data Submission Agent Per Port

When enabled, adds a Data Submission Agent field to the Port form. The selected agent is populated by default for any port call of this port. It takes precedence over CFGDefaultDataSubmissionAgent.

Enable Nomination Status

When enabled, a Nom. Status field is added to the Cargo Booking and VC In Booking forms. Values include Inquiry, Tentative, and Firm.

On a VC In Booking, when Nom. Status is set to Tentative, the VC In CP Qty is copied to the Nominated CP Qty.

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