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On Estimate details, the Properties panel includes check boxes for Estimate options, which are available depending on Opr Type and configuration.

To open or close the panel, click


  • Template Estimate cannot be fixed, and fixed/scheduled Estimates cannot be marked as Templates. Users who do not have permission to update the Template Estimate can only view or copy it. For more information on how to set this up, see Creating a Template Estimate.

  • Benchmark:

    • Benchmark Estimate can be viewed by a user without the Benchmark right.

    • When a Benchmark Estimate is copied, the Benchmark check box is cleared.

    • From a Benchmark Estimate, you can create a Cargo, Cargo COA, or Fuel-Neutral Cargo COA with this Benchmark Calculation as the Exposure Basis: On the toolbar, click Fix Contract and then click Fix CargoFix Cargo COA, or Fix Fuel Neutral Cargo COA. This will also associate the Benchmark Estimate as the initial Estimate of the contract as a reference to the calculation. If the Benchmark Estimate is a SPOT Estimate, a VC In COA is created upon clicking Fix Cargo COA.

    • It is possible to dynamically change a Benchmark Estimate Itinerary using the Trading Profile to match a contract and use it in the exposure calculation.

  • In Progress Voyage: Select to import the itinerary from an in-progress voyage.

    • In-progress Estimates include actualized other revenues and expenses, actualized voyage off-hire data, and actualized voyage bunker consumption.

    • PDA/FDA information is included in port expense calculations.

  • LS Only: Select to consume only low-sulfur fuel for the entire voyage. This will overwrite any Fuel Zone configuration.

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Benchmark Estimate

On the Estimate Properties panel, a Benchmark check box appears. To mark an Estimate as a Benchmark Estimate, select the check box. Benchmark Estimates must have exactly one cargo, and they cannot be fixed.

On COA and Cargo/VC In forms, an Exposure tab appears. If a cargo is linked to a Benchmark Estimate via the Exposure tab, the market rate will be used as the TCE in the Benchmark Estimate and back-calculate the $/ton rate in the Trading Profit and Loss.

Enable Open Estimate

Adds an Open Estimate check box to the Estimate for reporting purposes. Open Estimate is available in the Report Designer Voyage Estimate table and as a selectable column in the Voyage Estimate List. An Open Estimates Only check box is added to the Estimate Search Criteria form, allowing retrieval of only Open Estimates in searches.

Enable Voyage Estimate Saved Ballast Days

Adds Saved Ballast Days/LS and Bunker Exp fields to the Estimate and calculates the impact of Saved Ballast Days on the TCE and voyage days.

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