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At the top of Scheduling, Open Positions and Cargo Book show owned vessel and cargo positions, which you can match to create and reschedule Estimates.

Alternatively, you can work from the separate Open Positions and Cargo Book lists.

  • To open a vessel, Cargo, or VC In in a new browser tab, click its row.

  • To view a Scheduled or Estimate Cargo in the schedule, right-click its row and then click Quick scroll to cargo id: Cargo ID.

  • In the Cargo Book, flag rows with color to highlight levels of opportunity. To toggle through colors, in the Color Flag column, click 

    . It changes color in succession:

    •  Green

    •  Yellow

    •  Red

    •  Grey again

  • In the Cargo Book, depending on the Cargo Status, you can right-click a row to:

    • CargoID: Open the Cargo or VC In.

    • Estimate ID: Open the Estimate.

    • Voyage No: Open the voyage.

    • Add Cargo Remarks.

    • Add Estimate Remarks.

    • Add Voyage Remarks.

  • To view additional information about a record, defined by the current program’s Template field, hover over a row.

Vessel and Cargo Positions

Vessels and Cargoes appear based on filters in the Programs panel as well as filters applied to the current Open Positions and Cargo Book list views:

  • A Vessel has either:

    • A voyage whose timespan (Voyage Commencing through Voyage Completing dates) overlaps the From Date/To Date filters and meets all the other filters.

    • An Estimate meeting those same criteria that was created in Scheduling.

  • A Cargo or VC In has a Laycan From to Laycan To date range that overlaps the From Date/To Date filters and meets the other filters.

  • FOB Cargoes do not appear in Scheduling.

Open Positions and Cargo Book Details Lists

Enhanced versions of the Cargo Book and Open Positions lists can be accessed by clicking on the details icon below each title.

  • To view row details and additional information on underlying vessel records or cargo, right-click on a row, then drill down into the row details or directly open the voyage, vessel details, or TC contract.

  • You can make changes to the Cargo Book and Open Positions lists in Design Mode.


You can do any of the following from the Open Positions and Cargo Book lists:

Related Configuration Flags



Open Detail Lists from Scheduling

When enabled, clicking into the Open Positions or Cargo Book Lists from the Scheduling tool on the web will open the Details version of each list, providing the option to include more data in the lists from different sources.

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