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Why did my actual tolls cost disappear from the P&L after entering port expenses?

When a port with port function I (Canal transit) is selected in estimates, the estimated port expenses of this port will automatically fall under Tolls instead of Port Expenses in the P&L. Upon fixing the estimate, the Tolls cost in the actual P&L will initially follow the estimated Tolls cost.

When actual port expenses are entered in the Port Advance/DA form, the associated ledger code(s) to the line items of the port expenses would determine if the expense falls under Tolls or Port Expenses in the P&L. You can check the expense type of each ledger code using Operations Ledger and Ledger Expense Setup.

If all the port expenses are recorded using a ledger code that is not a Tolls expense type, the port expenses will be recorded in the Port Expenses section of the actual P&L, and the previously estimated Tolls cost will be automatically removed from the actual P&L.

What if there is no port expense?

If the vessel did not incur any actual port expense at that port, the original Tolls cost from the estimate will continue to be shown in the actual P&L.

To remove the Tolls cost from the actual column, navigate to the Cargo tab of the voyage itinerary and delete the port expense from the PortExp column of the canal transit port. Alternatively, you can also navigate to the voyage fixture and delete the port expense associated with this port.

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