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Configuration flag CFGEnableVesselVetting enables Vessel Vetting/Approvals. You must have the Vessel Vetting Module Right selected, under Actions in Chartering.

This article describes the following aspects of Vessel Vetting Task creation and management:


  • Create a Vetting Task Category in the Data Center.

  • In the Messaging Service, enable the following scheduled task: task.exe A "activityName=VesselVettingTasksGenerate". For more information, see the Messaging Service Manual.

Creating Vetting Tasks

If a vetting Task is already created and not resolved for the vessel in question, no new task should be generated. A resolved task is either Canceled or Completed.

To create a vetting Task, do either of the following:

  • Vessels that have Commonly Used selected on the Properties panel automatically have vetting Tasks created for them by the system with the following details populated:



Example Data

Task Name

Vetting - Vessel Code / IMO Number

Vetting - AKTA / 11111


Default Selection

Vessel Vetting


Default Selection

Not started


Default Selection


Start Date

Today’s date

11/03/20 00:00

Due Date

Latest Approved Through date from the Vessel Evaluation grid

11/03/20 00:00

Vessel Name

Vessel Code


Approval Failure Type

Date based task generation as commonly used vessel is within 2 weeks of Approved Through date.

Date based task generation as commonly used vessel is within 2 weeks of Approved Through date.


Manual Entry

Late change in nomination, loading in 3 days

Managing Vetting Tasks

The Task List is the best place for Vetting users to navigate and manage a Vetting request from start to finish. While vetting is found within a voyage, to manage the vetting of many voyages, navigate to the Operations Task List and create a user view that filters by key data points and provides a holistic understanding of all Vetting requests for the business.

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Vessel Vetting

Enables vessel vetting. The value in the Vetting field is the Vetting status of the Fixture with this vessel: Pending or Completed. To open the Vessel Vetting form, click the Vetting field label.

With this flag enabled:

  • The Voyage Fixture is created when an Estimate is fixed.

  • On the Voyage Fixture form, the Performing Vessel field label changes to Vessel.

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