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The Agents and Notices form records nominated agents and their contact information. It can be used for communicating with a DA Service Provider and for notifying agents using the Agent Portal (as described below).

Nominating Agents

  1. On the Voyage FixtureVoyage Manager, or FOB Voyage Itinerary, right-click a port and then click Agents and Notices.

  2. For each agent, enter the following information:

    • ChartererProtectiveOwnerOther, or Data Submission agent name: Selection lists display agents marked as servicing the port first. The selected agent's contact information appears.
      Note: An agent needs to be marked as active in the Address Book to appear in the dropdown.

    • Nominated By: Your name.

    • Original Fee and Negotiated Fee

    • Currency; the default Exchange Rate for the voyage appears.

    • Agent Notice To: Select a contact to send the notice to.

    • Agent Notice When: The date to send the notice.

    • Notice Remarks

Notifying Agents Using the Agent Portal

You can share port call information with agents via the Agent Portal. Additionally, if you are partnered with agents who are submitting forms directly via the API, you must specify them on the Agents and Notices form.

Notification emails are sent to agents when they are nominated for that port call. Emails will also be sent whenever data relating to that port call is changed.

To set up automatic emails to an agent:

Note: The Agent Notification emails can be configured within Veslink Settings > System Configuration > Agent Portal.

Verifying Agent Nomination

To verify that your Data Submission agent nomination was successfully submitted, do the following:

  1. Ask the Agent to either:

    1. Sign in to the Agent Portal.

    2. Perform a fresh API call.

  2. When signed in to the Agent Portal, on the Port Calls list, ask the Agent to:

    1. Click the appropriate Client Name tab at the top of the list.

    2. To only show Port Calls that are nominated for a future date, clear the Display port calls with departure times in the past check box.

  3. If your vessel/voyage nomination does not appear, in the Veson IMOS Platform, you must:

    1. Delete the nominated agent from Agents and Notices.

    2. Save the voyage.

    3. Add the Agent to Agents and Notices again.

    4. Save the voyage.

Related Configuration Flags



Default Data Submission Agent

Sets the Short Name of the default Data Submission Agent for voyages performed by vessels marked as Active for Veslink. See also CFGEnableDefaultDataSubmissionAgentPerPort.

Enable Default Data Submission Agent Per Port

When enabled, adds a Data Submission Agent field to the Port form. The agent selected here will be populated by default for any port call of this port. It takes precedence over Default Data Submission Agent.

Port Agent Type

Defines the Address Book Types to be considered when entering values for agents. The default value is A.

Auto Assign Owners Agent

When enabled, the Owner Agent field will automatically be populated on the port call in the voyage with an agent that services the port. If there are multiple agents that can service the port, the system will populate with the first Agent it returns. Only forward port calls will be updated after this flag is enabled; historical port calls will not be updated.

Opr Types For Portschinfo DA

A comma-separated list of Operation Types to include when sending DA-Desk notifications. In the old, non-API method, this flag uses portschinfo.exe to extract port call information and is not applicable if CFGShowDADeskCheckbox is enabled.

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