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IMOS - Keyboard Shortcuts

Walkthrough: Basic Concepts

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Menus > Search > Modules > Workspaces > PanelsKeyboard Shortcuts Accessing Help

The following keyboard commands apply when working in the Veson IMOS Platform.

Key Command


Arrow Keys

Navigate between menu items, fields on a form, cells in a grid, or values in a selection field list

Ctrl + + (plus sign)

Zoom in

Ctrl + ; (semicolon)

Click the toolbar button labeled Menu or ... (ellipsis)

Ctrl + , (comma)

Open the Search for Module field

Ctrl + C

Copy text

Ctrl + Click

Open a link in a new tab

Ctrl + Enter

While in the Estimates workspace, selects the hyperlink in the focused field

Ctrl + Alt + Enter

When editing a field while in the Estimates worksheets, the new field value updates across all estimates.

Ctrl + F

Find data in the current workspace

Ctrl + J

While in the Estimates workspace, switches between the Estimate column and details views

Ctrl + K

While in a list, opens the on the search bar

While in a Worksheet in the Estimates workspace, copies the focused Estimate column

Ctrl + R


Ctrl + S

Save the current workspace or form

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Go to the previous tab

Ctrl + Tab

Go to the next tab.

Ctrl + V

Paste text.

Ctrl + W

Close the current tab.

Ctrl + X

Cut text.

Ctrl + −

Zoom out.


Open the current menu item or selection field, click the current button, add a line break in a text box, or move out of a cleared field.


Close a modal or drop-down menu.




Toggle Full Screen Mode on or off.


Key in "k" when entering a number to add three zeros.  i.e., 3k will show was 3,000

Shift + Tab

Move to the previous menu item, field on a form, or cell in a grid.


Open the current secondary menu, or select/clear the current check box.


Move to the next menu item, field on a form, or cell in a grid.

Windows Key + Down Arrow

[Windows 7+] Minimize the browser window by one level.

Windows Key + Left Arrow

[Windows 7+] Shift the browser window to the left half of the monitor.

Windows Key + Right Arrow

[Windows 7+] Shift the browser window to the right half of the monitor.

Windows Key + Up Arrow

[Windows 7+] Maximize the browser window.

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